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Business To Business

Do you make jewelry for sale?

Did you know that as an entrepreneur you can shop with us with a personal code and that we always provide a fixed discount for customers with a valid VAT number?!

Send us a message for more information, we will be happy to help you with the most beautiful DIY materials or find out together what you are looking for.

We always give professionals a 10% discount on our webshop

(not at the workshops).

With a first order and therefore the first time that your personal code

goes through our system, you even get a 20% discount .

So choose carefully what you want to order during that order because this is 20%

only valid once. After your first purchase you will from now on always receive a 10% discount.


you have a valid company number and can leave us your professional page

see how you can effectively sell your handmade jewelry.


Let us know and we will create a personal code for you.

Promotion is not retroactive.

Greetings team MARYN!

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