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Return Policy:

Not satisfied and would you like to return your item?! Then these costs are always borne by the customer, MARYN is not liable for these costs. Pack your items back neatly and if they are received back in the same condition as MARYN sent them to you, you will receive a refund. NB; This does not apply to custom work and refunds are not possible.



MARYN sells handmade fantasy jewelry. Please note that handmade is less strong than something industrially made, so handle MARYN items with extreme care. Always store them in a dark, dry place and take them off when you go to sleep. Jewelry can be damaged and discolored by sun, water, perfume, the pH value of your own skin, among other things. Therefore, never take a bath, shower, swimming pool or, for example, the sea with MARYN jewelry unless it is explicitly stated that the jewelry you purchased is resistant to this. If there is damage to your jewelry due to any of the above, you are responsible for this and MARYN cannot be held liable. You can always contact me for damage during shipping and you will of course receive a refund. 

For general damage, such as something that suddenly breaks or comes loose, you can request a refund or repair up to 3 months after purchase. 


MARYN sells loose clay and claycutters.

Clay; Follow the instructions on the packaging of the clay, clay can only be returned immediately after receipt by the buyer and must then be returned in unopened packaging (always in consultation with MARYN). 

Clay cutters; We 3D print all our claycutters ourselves, because we print at 0.28 mm thickness there is always a risk that a mold will break because we want to deliver such a sharp cutting edge.  Is your mold broken?! Please report this with a clear photo and we will send you an updateyour next order FREE SAME claycutter back. For orders of €25 or more, we will also take care of the shipping costs and you will receive a code for this (so only in the case of a broken claycutter). We find it very annoying that this happens, but unfortunately it is part of life every now and then when you make such fine items. 

For further questions you can always contact me. 

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