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Pasta clay machine

Pasta clay machine


With this pasta machine you can easily roll your clay to the right thickness and mixing colors can be done quickly.

9 settings: we recommend setting 6/7 to achieve the ideal thickness for a polymer clay earring.

Do you want to make a nice stitch? Then you can go to level 3.

Sometimes a pasta machine creates some fine lines in your clay on one side. We always recommend that once you have achieved the desired thickness and you have the clay on your baking tray, place a clean paper on it and then gently go over it with an acrylic roller. This way you have good contact with your screed plate AND you also immediately remove any lines from your clay.

Yes, the pasta machine can easily clamp to the edge of your table. The removable handle makes it easy to store the machine.

There is an attachment for "real" pasta, we do not use this for the clay ourselves, but it is included as standard. You don't have to put this on there.

To clean? Leftover clay remains in your machine and can soil your "clean" clay. Wipe the rollers with a damp cloth and occasionally run a knife along the bottom (turn your machine over for this). We do not recommend opening your machine completely because putting it together is not that easy.

  • Warranty/returns

    Returning the pasta machine is only possible within 1 week of receipt and with an unused pasta machine. The return costs are always for the buyer and cannot be traced back to MARYN.

    Guarantee; MARYN will only be covered by the warranty in the event of a technical defect during the FIRST use. Use this pasta machine ONLY for polymer clay, do not add pebbles, sand or other materials because the machine is absolutely not suitable for this.

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